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Shrijani Education Foundation (SEF) is registered society under the Maharashtra State Government vide Reg. No. GBBSD/234. Its primary aspiration is to venture with a clear aim of achieving education for all, using creative means and ways. The motto of SEF is "Education everywhere & Educating everyone". Through the motto "Direction towards destination" of NAMS supported by innovation and creativity, NAMS under SEF would reach out the established vision with zest and confidence and would transfer this effectively to our audience magnifying their confidence level multifold.

Education Philosophy

The Education Philosophy of NAMS are as follows:

  • Provide a learning milieu that encourages critical thinking, stimulates creativity and closes multidirectional relationships between students and faculty.
  • Provide an education that recognizes and enhances the skills of each individual and helps to develop their capacity.
  • Create dynamic and modern academic programs that blend academic content and professional needs.
  • Introduce innovative teaching methodologies to create flexible delivery methods, adapted to the needs of the students.
  • Provide an education that offers continuous follow up of the students and introduces the process of lifelong learning.
  • Promote education with highest academic and ethical standards both within the country and internationally
  • Recognize the staff of NAMS as our greatest asset and contributor to the achievement of our mission and goals.
  • Become a leading Indian educational provider by offering an affordable quality education which is student-oriented and applicable to the challenges of the world of tomorrow.
  • Create partnerships that enhance education and which draw a pool of internationally acknowledged professionals.

NAMS Role in Society

  • Promote and disseminate knowledge throughout the Indian and the international community’s
  • Promote the creation of an intellectual platform that seeks practical solutions for the creation of a system that combines economic growth, prosperity, social justice and ecologically sustainable development.
  • Create a forum for discussion of the problems of society today and the solutions that can be achieved with intellectual means and beyond political goals.
  • Help the community with the tools that we can provide to achieve these goals on both a local and national level.
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  • ICDE and OPAL sessions at Online Educa Berlin This annual global e-learning conference takes place in Berlin, Germany on 30 November - 2 December. It will feature a special session organized by ICDE and with participation from member institutions entitled, Learning Cultures: An International Panorama, as well as a session showcasing winners of the OPAL Awards.

  • Kind Attention Students who have enrolled for St Peters University,Kindly visit the link for details of Exam time table Nov-Dec 2011

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  • I am very happy that I found NAMS. They provided me all guidance that I required. NAMS team act as helpful mentors and I felt like I was talking to a friend who really cares about me and my future.              
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